The Quality Standards that Know Jou BIO complies with are:

In the GlobalGap and Ecological Production certifications, referring to the field management of agricultural parcels, the implantation is done by the farmer, with the advice and control of the corresponding professional technicians, so that Know Jou BIO can be certified in these standards.

The project has been certified in GlobalGap, GRASP and Ecological Production since the 2019 campaign.

GGN: 4059883974522
European Organic Standards

Know Jou BIO handles and prepares most of its orders in the warehouse located in Torre-Serona SUBI SAT, certified by CCPAE and GlobalGap and IFS.

It is a horticultural warehouse with a size of 12,000 square meters that can hold about 8,000 tons of fruit in its chambers.

SUBI SAT has modern facilities for both fruit handling and product preservation. We have specific machinery to treat each of the varieties that we offer, in different packaging formats and with the presentations that our clients require.

The Torre-Serona plant is accredited by certifications with highly recognized standards such as IFS.

We also prepare some orders in our former warehouse located in Tornabous, but mostly dedicated to pip fruit.



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Lleida, SPAIN