Organic Production

The main agricultural production is stone fruit, from approximately May 10, starting with:

  • Apricot BIO (Ladycot, Flaworcot, Faralia and Perlecot)

And continuing until mid-September with:

  • Peach BIO (Red, White and Yellow),

  • Nectarine BIO (Yellow and White)

  • Flat Peach BIO (White)

  • Flat Nectarine BIO (Yellow)

Know Jou BIO also produces and markets throughout the year:

  • Apples BIO (Golden, Fuji, Granny Smith, Royal Gala and Story Inored)

  • Pears BIO (Blanquilla, Conference, Abate Fetel, Limonera, Barlet, Williams and Ercolini).

In addition, from July to December the following are also marketed:

  • Figs BIO (Brevas, Black Coll de Dama, White Coll de Dama).



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